For managed service providers seeking new market opportunities, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides the platform to grow your business and reach new clientele. With UCaaS, you can expand beyond your current consumer market by offering a wider range of popular services to your end-user. Your end-user desires strong customer support, a variety of feature-rich services, and a diverse selection of service bundles to choose from.

As the provider, we understand that you want to:

  • Offer a wider range of services to meet a broader demographic of consumers.
  • Manage your own customers, set your own prices, and offer these services under your own unique brand.
  • Maintain high profit margins, create recurring revenue, and continue to scale your business.
  • Optimize efficiency by selling, delivering, managing, and invoicing all in the same cloud-based platform.
  • Provide more customer support and offer all of the products your clients demand.
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CoreDial’s Solution

At CoreDial, we understand how important it is for you to reach a wide market of consumers. Your end-user requires access to an extensive array of services, and they prefer the convenience of accessing those services from a single service provider. By offering all of the services your end-user seeks, you not only eliminate competition, but you tap into new market opportunities, which will enable you to scale your business faster and build a steady recurring revenue stream. We understand how hard you’ve worked to build your brand, and with our white-label SwitchConnex Platform, we enable you to offer these feature-rich services under the brand you’ve worked to build. With a range of services including Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, and VoIP, you can create a variety of new service bundles, which will allow you to cater to a much wider demographic of consumers.

CoreDial offers industry leading profit margins of up to 65 percent, well above the average of 19 percent. Don’t settle for low profit margins and insufficient service bundles. With CoreDial’s SwitchConnex Platform, you have the power to transform and grow your company, all while maintaining full control over your business and brand.