Channel companies should be ready to provide whatever cloud solutions their customers require. When it comes to storing data, cloud storage and backup has become the preferred method of choice. Our upcoming cloud storage & backup solution is simple to use, easy to deploy, and will provide our Partners with a safe and effective way to store and secure their data online.

What is Cloud Storage & Backup?

Cloud storage & backup involves moving data offsite that can either replace or complement on-premise backups. The storage side involves stockpiling files online that can be accessible at any given place. The backup secures files on your computer and stores them safely for disaster recovery purposes. With CoreDial’s upcoming solution, you receive a file sharing with all your services easily linked to one managed portal.

What are the benefits?

  • Protects your data against physical and digital damage, deletion, and unauthorized replication.
  • Improve cloud-based data protection
  • Customers will have access to their data anytime and anywhere
  • The online automation make the tedious process of storing and backing up easy to accomplish
  • Syncing ensures all of your files are automatically updated across each one of your devices