At CoreDial, we know that our success, growth and profitability comes from the success of our channel partners. Our commitment to go above and beyond and improve the fit and finish of our SwitchConnex platform is to ensure that our channel partners are able to meet and exceed our shared goals for success.

Through constant innovation, our goal is to consistently manage rapid growth, accelerate our product road map and investigate other products to continue adding value for our partners. Our future plans to expand our product offerings will enable channel partners to successfully sell, deliver, manage and invoice cloud services—all while putting quality and reliability first, of course.

In the near future, we envision our product portfolio to include:

Storage & Sync

Channel partners should be ready to provide whatever cloud solutions their customers require. When it comes to storing data, storage and sync has become the preferred method of choice. Our vision to offer a storage and sync solution is to provide customers access to their data anytime, protect their data against physical and digital damage, improve cloud-based data protection and ensure all files are synced automatically.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Day-to-day management is crucial. Therefore, having a portal that quickly resolves issues well before clients experience them will deliver a much needed peace of mind. We strongly believe that implementing a solid remote monitoring and management portal (RMM) will help your business remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints efficiently, while keeping your wheels turning.

Virtualization and Utility Computing

We are in the midst of witnessing a seismic shift in information technology—and this shift has given a new relevance to ideas such as virtualization and utility computing. Moving forward, we anticipate on offering such a service to benefit and add value to our channel partners and their SMB customers. Our ambition to expand on this offering will have a focus on including virtual servers, virtual storage, virtual software and backup.