CoreDial is the best at enabling channel partners to successfully sell, deliver, manage, and invoice for cloud products and services, with high profit-per-partner.

CoreDial’s white labeled, turn-key cloud software and service platform includes quality training to ensure partner success. As you enter a new line of business, your team needs to be coached in order to prosper. Our onboarding and training program for partners will ensure you are equipped with everything needed to succeed at selling, delivering, managing and invoicing for cloud communication services.

CoreDial University

Through CoreDial University (CoreDial U), partners are given full access to our learning management system (LMS)  that will provide the highest quality of training while simplifying the learning process. With our dedicated training team’s extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to deliver the resources you need to differentiate your business from your competitors, deliver value to your end-user, and achieve partner success.

CoreDial University
CoreDial University Platform

How do we define partner success?

  • Meeting milestones in a timely fashion throughout the onboarding process
  • Proficiency demonstrated in all key areas to Sell, Manage, Deliver, and Invoice utilizing our SwitchConnex platform
  • Financial (Positive gross profit margins)
  • On-going Partner satisfaction and development

To establish high performance right out the gate, our training and onboarding process provides our partners with the tools, support and incentives to help capitalize on cloud growth opportunities and become equipped with everything needed to succeed.

Our onboarding and training process consists of three phases:

1 Onboarding

  • Kick Off call & warm handoff from Sales
  • Portal & Account Setup
  • New Partner Training
  • Warm introduction to OPS Team

2 Success Building (120 Days)

  • Complete all outstanding setup items
  • 45 day check-in
  • In depth and review training sessions as needed
  • 120 Day warm handoff

3 Partner Growth Training

  • Technical Certification
  • Sales Training
  • Other training sessions (i.e. billing/accounting, application, new features, etc.)