The CoreDial SwitchConnex Platform

CoreDial’s SwitchConnex platform provides our partners with an incredibly efficient, cost-effective way to transform your business into a revenue-generating powerhouse. With our cloud communications software platform, you have the ability to sell, deliver, manage, and invoice for all of your customers, featuring unparalleled white label services from Hosted PBX and VoIP, to SIP Trunking and all of your recurring and non-recurring products and services. The best part? We let you brand it as your own to help build long-term value in your business. Discover how CoreDial’s SwitchConnex platform can improve your business.

What’s Inside?

Business “In-a-Box”

Designed to enable your business’ success, CoreDial’s all-in-one solution—a Business “In-A-Box,” or more accurately, “the Cloud”, gives our customers a turnkey cloud software and services solution. Sell white label Unified Communications services like Hosted PBX, VoIP, and SIP Trunking directly to end-users, under your brand, or engage an indirect channel and sign up sub-Service providers under your account.

Feature Complete

“Feature Complete,” means you have all the latest features that enable your business to adapt, differentiate and even customize on a per-customer basis.

Carrier Class Scalability

CoreDial’s cloud software and services enablement platform streamlines business processes and offers industry-leading reliability and scalability. Whether your business is new or migrating thousands of customers, our white label software lays the foundation for success and growth while providing your business with the unique ability to offer shared and dedicated services. You’ll get a distributed, clustered compute environment that performs the most demanding requirements.

Reduce Costs and Gain Control

With no software or hardware to buy, our platform eliminates massive upfront costs and makes justifying creation of your own “in-house” solution almost impossible. All standard and premium features are included in a low subscription and usage-based pricing model, which maps perfectly to your revenue creation. CoreDial provides unparalleled access and control, enabling you to customize and integrate our white label software as needed and empowering your success.

Intuitive UI

CoreDial’s software isn’t just extremely powerful; it’s also intuitively designed. We work tirelessly to provide a platform with unmatched ease-of-use. Your focus should be building your business, not learning a new system. Our software serves as a central management interface, often called a service delivery platform, or OSS/BSS platform purpose built for the UC space, resulting in a seamless user experience. You and your channel partners benefit from a shared user experience. Manage all business aspects- sales, order and transaction management, local number porting case management, distributed service management, billing, and many other business process and resource management processes.


CoreDial’s software platform is not only highly configurable to meet the demanding needs of your channel and their end-user customers, but it is also extensible through an API. CoreDial has pre-developed and integrated many applications like the Microsoft Outlook Plugin, a Plugin, and a URL Agent, and pending the release of our developer API interface, you will also be able to integrate our software with virtually any 3rd party system or software. This approach helps your company differentiate, deliver maximum value, and to be extremely agile and able to adopt technology innovations quickly and efficiently. With CoreDial, your possibilities are limitless.


Our passion is empowering our Service Provider Partners to quickly, and cost effectively sell, deliver, manage, and invoice for cloud communications under their own brand for feature rich offerings such as private label Hosted PBX and VoIP, SIP Trunking and Unified Communications, and more.

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