Enhanced Business-Class Reliability, Scalability and Redundancy

For over a decade, CoreDial has served small and medium-sized companies with a broad portfolio of business class cloud communications services. Now, we’ve upped our game to the next level with a new infrastructure that supports the highest quality and reliability requirements for the most discerning customers. Built from the ground up, and leveraging all best practices, CoreDial’s new BroadWorks infrastructure strengthens our channel partners’ position to compete and win new business by offering the latest cloud features and functions that maximize your value to customers of all sizes and vertical markets.

CoreDial Network - Geo-redundancy

With over 200,000 endpoints (or SIP devices) in production, and many thousands added monthly, CoreDial understands how to manage a carrier-class infrastructure. By integrating our SwitchConnex platform to our geo-redundant BroadWorks environment, channel partners gain a competitive edge and are able to generate predictable, recurring revenue.

Private Cloud for Agility and Scalability

Cloud agility is critical for our channel partners and their business customers. Designed with this requirement in mind, CoreDial’s new Private Cloud, powered by OpenStack, makes Asterisk and our SwitchConnex platform much more agile, scalable, and geo-redundant. Our channel partners can leverage this new service to offer feature rich, business-class communication solutions with more than 99.99% reliability.

CoreDial Network - private cloud

Building a private cloud infrastructure was critical to addressing the ever-increasing demands of our channel partners and their business customers. To create the ideal software and infrastructure to manage large pools of compute resources, storage, applications and services like Asterisks, we hired the best of the best to assist us. CoreDial worked with Mirantis engineers to set-up a geo-redundant, and scalable instance of OpenStack. Our channel partners’ productivity is increasing rapidly and consistently, and this proven technology helps prepare us for considerable growth going forward.

MPLS Connectivity Addresses Demand For Greater Performance

Over-the-top broadband or Internet connectivity works well for many small to medium-sized businesses. For larger enterprises with greater performance requirements, CoreDial empowers our channel partners to provide MPLS (Multi-Protocol Labeling Switching) connectivity directly to our datacenters as well as to the Internet.

MPLS includes QoS (Quality of Service) that enables prioritization of business critical voice and promotes consistent, interruption-free voice network performance.

CoreDial Network - MPLS

To give our new and existing channel partners complete control over the process, we provide training on when to suggest MPLS as well as how to order and provision these services. With dedicated access to circuits from 1.5Mbps to 1Gbps, your larger business customers or those with specific connectivity or regulatory requirements will benefit from our robust and proven MPLS network.

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